skyline madoson?? Anyone know about this hospital? skyline madoson?? Anyone know about this hospital? | allnurses

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skyline madoson?? Anyone know about this hospital?

  1. 0 Hello Friends,

    I just got an offer at Skyline Madison for adult acute behavioral. I have searched and cant find any info on if it is a good hospital! I wil be moving my husband and kids to Tn from CA and I need to know good areas for famliy to live, and most important-

    CAn I live on 40k a year for a family of 4?????

    The internet says I can- but is it true? T

    Thank you TN nurses!!

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    I did clinicals at Skyline Madison when I was in LPN school in 2010. It is the old campus of one of the local hospitals. There is a lot of empty space in the building. I remember in May 2010 the Red Cross set up its disaster headquarters there after the Nashville flood. I don't know a whole lot about wether it is a good hospital or not but I have not heard anything bad about it either. It depends on lifestyle but I think it would be hard to live on 40,000 for a family of 4 in Nashville, but its really hard for me to say since I am not married and don't have any kids. I live in a neighboring county to Nashville so I can't really give much help on where to live in the Nashville area.

    I do know that Skyline Medical Center is a good hospital and that it ownes Skyline madison.

    I wish I could have helped more!! Good luck!! :-)