NHC Rehab Unit & New Grad

  1. I am a new grad RN with a license for 3 weeks. Recently I have been offered a job at sub-acute rehab. While I am excited to take on the challenge of 20 pts (with the help of an LPN and a few CNA's) I am concerned about the safety of the patients and protecting my license.

    This particular facility does not have an electronic MAR. I would appreciate advice on how one would organize there day. Does anyone have suggestions for a "nurse brain" or system they have used to help keep track?

    This facility has everything except vents and PICC's, so even though not a hospital setting there is plenty of opportunities to learn skills. Just not for sure how to keep on top of everything I need to do plus tabs on what LPN and CNA's are doing.

    Please HELP!!!
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