New nursing student

  1. Hi everyone! I need some help please. I will be starting nursing school in the fall and I still need to complete a required course. My course load would be Micro, Intro to Nursing, and Professional Nursing Foundations. How incredibly bad is my semester going to be? Any help will be appreciated!!!
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  3. by   MommaLinds
    I took Micro and A&P II together, along with two other classes, and made an A in all 4. I honestly LOVED micro, it was my favorite class to date. I am sure you will be busy, but I wouldn't worry about microbiology as much as the two nursing courses!
  4. by   starla2112
    Where did you take your take those classes? I have heard that the foundations class is hard, but intro is not. Are you going to the registration day?
  5. by   MommaLinds
    I took my pre-reqs at Nashville State. I will definitely be at the registration day, that's also my birthday . I am SO excited!