Nashville, Tennessee

  1. 0 Hi, I was just wondering if it was hard for new grads with their ADN-RN degree to find jobs around the Nashville area in Tennessee? Also, does anyone have any opinions about where to work after you graduate, and what unit is best to work in for new grads? Thanks,
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    Yes it is. I live in the Nashville Area and its darn near impossible unless you get into a residency program of some sort. Try some government job. That seems to be the only place willing to give me an interview.
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    Oh, great. Well I think I will have some trouble finding a job for the government too because NSCC's nursing program isn't accredited yet. I live in Dickson, TN. I wonder if it's difficult to get a job at Horizon Medical Center? That's where I plan to get a job whenever I graduate so that I can get some experience. Thanks for your help!

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