Nashville State Community College

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    Hi, I was just wondering if any of you on here graduated or are currently attending Nashville State's nursing program? I recently sent my nursing application on the 4th of January. Do you know about how long it takes to receive a letter or phone call to know if you have an interview? I have taken all of my pre reqs, except for A&P II and Micro, which I'm currently enrolled in now. My GPA is a 4.0. I was also wondering what kind of questions they ask during the interviews? Also, will I have to take any nursing entrance exams? If so, what are they called, and how can I study for them? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone could answer some (or all) of my questions!! Thanks,

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    I don't know anything about that school (I'm in a different state), but I'm kind of surprised they didn't answer those questions at their mandatory info session. Those were the kind of things they talked about when I went to mine.
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    Did you get it figured out? I am currently waiting on my letter while I finish my last class. I'm hoping they will send out letters soon because I don't know how much waiting I can take!

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