Nashville Area Night/Weekend AAS/BSN Programs?

  1. Hello, everyone . . .

    I am a prospective nursing student (currently working a full-time day job) hoping to find a nursing program (either associate's or bachelor's degree) that is offered evenings and weekends. I am aware of Cumberland's BSN and Chattanooga State's AAS programs.

    I was wondering if anyone was aware of (1) a university/community college currently offering a night/weekend program (either AAS or BSN) or (2) a university/community college that has such a program "in the works." I am trying to find such a program in the Middle Tennessee area but would be willing to travel if necessary.

    Any information or advice you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!
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    Moved to TN Nursing Programs forum where you should get more responses from some of the TN members.
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    Thank you so much, tnbutterfly. I'm a novice on the discussion board and appreciate the help!

    Take care!
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    Glad to help!