MTSU spring 2012--Have you heard anything yet??? MTSU spring 2012--Have you heard anything yet??? | allnurses

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MTSU spring 2012--Have you heard anything yet???

  1. 0 Has anyone heard if you got in or not? I got a certified letter in the mail from MTSU but missed the delivery so I have to wait until Saturday to pick it up at the post office. I am so excited to see what it says!!!
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    Hi! I missed a certified letter delivery yesterday as well, so I'll be going to the post office tomorrow to pick it up...the description of the item that was checked was "large envelope", so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck to you!
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    I got one too.... I'm scared to death to see what it says... I'm hopeful it's good news since it was large envelope... looks like we all missed it
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    I got in!!! I am so excited!! I'm sure yall got in too. I don't think they would spend $5.30 to tell you that you didn't get in. Congrats!! :-)