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Motlow nursing applicants!!

  1. 0 Hey everyone! Just curious is any one knows if a points total os 698/800 gives me any kind of shot at getting in.... Anyone know anyone that got it with a lower score or maybe you got in with a comparable score? I need some info to calm my nerves!!! Thanks everyone
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    Hi nursinghopeful1028

    i tried to Pm you but your inbox is full. Can you please give me some insight on this school. I've heard the selection criteria for this school is to have a high score in Hesi. What was your gpa and hesi score?
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    Sorry, I am just now seeing this!! There is a formula they use to calculate your score out of 800 possible points... I believe HESI is worth 500 if you score perfectly and GPA is 300 if you have a 4.0.... Hope that helps... if you still need the help that is lol