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Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute

  1. 0 Hello All.

    I have the opportunity to interview with the Middle Tennessee Mental Health Institute in Nashville, TN for a Registered Nurse 2 position. Does anyone have any information on this establishment such as...
    1. The work environment/management/coworkers
    2. Starting Pay/Differentials/Patient Load
    3. Self Scheduling/ Overtime
    4. RN responsibilities
    5. Opportunities for advancement
    Also any other tid bits of information that you would like to give me regarding this place.

    Thank you again!
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    If anyone was wondering I here are the answers to these questions.

    2. Starting pay varies but 22+ seems to be the norm. Yes to night differential. No to weekend differential. Up to 28 pts per unit. 1 Charge Nurse, 1 Med Nurse, Maybe 1 LPN, A couple Techs.
    3. No self scheduling. Required everyother weekend.
    4. Hourly rounds, supervising, assessments, admissions, discharges, making assignments, passing meds.

    The other questions are to be determined.
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    Hello serenity love i would like to know your experience at MTMHI interview. Thank you.

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