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  1. 0 Hi everyone,
    I currently live in NY and am considering a move to the Knoxville area to be closer to family :heartbeat. I work on a step down unit now with my BSN. I need to figure out the average salary there in Knoxville and take into consideration the cost of living difference to make sure I am ok moving. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated because I keep seeing conflicting information else where.

    Thanks A Bunch!
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    last time i talked to someone that was in recruiting for knoxville hospitals, which was about a year ago, the starting pay for new grads was 18-19/hr. you can go from that
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    in Nashville anywhere from 17 to 20 depending on area. I'm assuming same for knoxville but not really sure. i just moved to Tenn as well. pay is pretty low here compared to other states. But from what i know about new york cost of living here should be significantly less.
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    If anyone was wondering I was eventually offered between 21-25. But I took a registry position which earns more.
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    Where were you offered that?
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    18 dollars an hour starting out as a new grad for day shift. 22 for nights

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