IV Cert in nashville,TN?

  1. 0 Can anyone please tell me how long and IV certification course takes? And where can I go to get certified?
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    Practical Nursing | Health Science | Tennessee Technology Center @ Nashville offers one a few times a year, I believe it's one night a week for 4 weeks.
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    I'm curious, what is an "IV certification?"

    Except for the infusion nurse certification, I've never heard of an "IV certification."
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    I thought it was just for LPN's.
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    I believe it's just for LPN's. Since an LPN can't put and IV in or push IV meds without the certification. You have to be a working licensed LPN for 6 months before you can do an IV Cert class from what our instructors told us. Of course you still can't hang blood, push chemo etc all the things are not in the scope of practice for an LPN.

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