I want to live in Chattanooga!

  1. 0 I've been an RN,BSN for a little over 18 months in the NeuroSurgery ICU of a Level 1 Trauma center. I've been applying to positions....all kinds of positions, at Erlanger and Memorial (although I prefer Erlanger since I am currently employed at a University hospital) but no luck yet. I've been hoping to relocate to Chattanooga since I was there in 2009 for a stage race put on by Rock Creek. Anybody got any ideas about how to get my foot in the door with the hospitals in the area? I know that online applications are the thing these days but sometimes I wonder how effective/efficient it is for both the applicant and the potential employer.
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    Just now seeing this...call HR and ask for the nurse recruiter. They are swamped with new grad apps right now. I emailed her when I put in an app and finally got a job after several months of applying.

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