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Houston to Nashville

  1. 0 Hey guys! I am looking for a level 3 NICU in/near Nashville. I am really interested in Vanderbilt but they do not have any postings online. I have 4 years level 3 experience with 3 of those being in a 3c facility. I am certified and have a fairly impressive resume, would like to work nights and part time if possible (as long as I have medical/dental/vision benefits still). I currently have a base pay around $30 plus shift diff, but I have heard TN pays a good deal less. If anyone knows of anything, please PM me! I still live in Houston and don't want to move without a job.
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    Vanderbilt is one of the lowest paying hospitals around. They have great benefits. I would expect you would make less than $30hr probably more around $25 or less and hour.

    Best of luck.
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    did you ever move out here. i relocated from houston to TN, big pay cut. i worked as travel RN just to make same pay as in Houston, I am spec RN in L&D, i'd say $5 less hour than home.