Continued competence requirements

  1. For the continued competency requirement:
    Having identified 2 or more areas of interest or goals and subsequently having developed, implemented and evaluated during the most recent biennial renewal period, a plan to demonstrate competency for these areas of interest or goals based on the standards in paragraph 1.

    Would you think this would have to be something very concrete such as desire to work in a specialty area->trained to work the specialty->now I work there and everything is wonderful
    or do you think something less measurable would suffice if you state the goal->what you are doing to reach the goal->where you are now and what you will continue with.

    Could anyone possibly share an example or suggestion of an appropriate goal. I would just like to make sure the ones I have in mind aren't completely in left field. All I can really think to list is training I've received and studying certain nursing related subjects on my own.

    Thanks for any input
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