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Concorde memphis nursing

  1. 0 Anyone going to Concorde for the new nursing program? I wanna start next year. Just wondering how it was.. thanks!
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    I was actually interested in this program as well. I called and was told by an advisor that next fall will be their first class. They will admit twenty-four students who must pass two tests. The first test determines whether you progress to the TEAS. I was also told it is an ADN program, it will take approximately fifteen months to complete, and the tuition is roughly $41000. The fee is all inclusive meaning it includes all tuition, fees, equipment kits, uniforms, everything. I hope this helps.
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    Wow! 41,000? Is this true?! So far I am in a BSN program, have only 1 semester left, and its cost me around $20-25,000. I went to Concorde for my first career-- it was a 9 month dental assisting program an it was around $12,000. I didn't even know there was another school in town that offered the same program for $4,000. Be careful & do your research!
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    Thanks everyone !
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    Will Concorde be offering an evening/weekend class?
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    no, it's days only.