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Columbia State Columbia Campus Info

  1. 0 Hello. Just wanted to get some information regarding Columbia State Community College ASN program-specifically the columbia campus. Would anyone like to share their experiences from the columbia campus-classroom size, traffic or parking issues, skills lab, instructors, teaching methods, the clinical facilities (maury regional, others?)? I am familiar with the Franklin campus & wanted addtl info on the columbia campus. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!
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    I don't have any info, but wanted to say good luck! I'm starting this fall at the Franklin campus.
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    Hi Rocketeer,
    I submitted my application in February. I am hoping to get into the program this fall. Do you know when I will receive a response regarding my application? What is the interview process like?
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    I just got my acceptance letter for fall 2011 today!! Hope you heard something today too!
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    Good luck to you guys!!!! I just graduated from their program this past May!!!