Chattanooga State LPN Fall '11

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    I received my acceptance letter for the practical nursing program at Chattanooga State! So excited! Does anyone have any advice for the program?

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    Just be ready to put life on hold for a year. Have you taken A&P and Nutrition? If so then you will be able to breathe a little during the first semester. If not, then you will work extra hard first semester.
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    Yes thank goodness! I have had both already.
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    First of all, exemption from A&P and Nutrition is only granted if you got a B or better in all three classes. For instance, if you got an B in A&P I and C in II you still have to take A&P in the program, but fear not because it's much more basic. I am in the program now and it isn't easy! You learn a lot of information in a short amount of time. One week last semester my class had six exams. Be prepared to study a lot and have little time for anything else. They also have grade requirements: you must finish each trimester with an 81 or better in all classes or you get kicked out. I just started second semester in May and the entire month of June will got this way: four days of class, four of clinical, two or three exams a week. Good luck to you.

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