Which is a better school chattanooga or cleveland state?

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    I've applied for both Chattanooga State,and Cleveland State nursing programs,from what I've heard from former and current students is that Cleveland state program is a very difficult program with a high drop out rate,Where Chattanooga state's graduating percentage is higher.If accepted by both schools which would be the best in terms of knowledge and program completion ?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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    I've heard great things about Chatt State's program. It's apparently very competitive to get in, but they seem to have one of the best reputations in the area. I go to Chatt State (for prereqs) but am applying out of the area. Good luck!
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    I plan on applying to both for the LPN-RN transition class that begins fall 2011. I will choose Chattanooga State if I get into both, but it's a shorter program and closer to home. Right now I'm in the LPN program at Chattanooga State.

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