Avg wages in Tenn

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    Looking at Tenn to move to from the north. Just curious what sorts of hourly wages do Registered nursing make in Tenn?

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  3. by   ldrnicuguy

    Here is a list of nursing pay in TN coming from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2013. It is broken down by metropolitan statistical area. Look at H_MEDIAN (hourly median rate) and H_MEAN (hourly mean rate) as well as the percentiles to get a good estimate of where to start. PM if you have any questions.
  4. by   Nash3222
    Thanks for the information. I spoke to someone ( not a nurse) she said her sister is a nurse in Chattanooga, works at a hospital and makes 36k a year full time. This really struck me as very low. I am in Ohio and full time hospital is like 50-60 k, depending.
    Does 36 k a year sound right to you?
    Are you a nurse in Tenn?