Any one of you graduate from Accelerated UTK nursing program

  1. any of you know anything about that program, i only know they are intensive and i wonder if they have sufficient clinical time because they are just one year accelerated ,seems really intensive, please kindly advise ,thank you very much !!! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!!!
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  3. by   Dedicated2Nursing
    I go to UT and the program just started this year...don't know much more than what they have on the website. Although I will agree that the 12 month program can only be intensive.
  4. by   xiaobear007
    thank you. are you UTK nursing student? I do not know they start this ABS this year. I know they have 2011 fall but i have no idea if that is the first year or not. I think they said it is highly competitive so i assume it is not the first year for this program, otherwise, how they say it is competitive or sth. they said they received a lot of applicants, etc. yes, i got the web information too. How about your normal program goes at UTK? do you have a lot of clinical time too ?