Any Fall 2014 Belmont applicants/students?

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    Anyone applying or accepted in to Belmont's BSN program for Fall 2014??

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    I recently submitted my application for the Fall 2014 ABSN program. Hopefully I'll hear something back soon!
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    I have applied for fall 2014, too.
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    I have everything submitted for the Feb 1st deadline... The waiting game begins.
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    I have applied as well!
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    BSN or ABSN? Good luck!
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    I applied ABSN.
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    ​I applied for the ABSN program.
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    I received my acceptance email 02/14/14. Feeling excited and nervous Now I just need to rob a bank, lol.
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    Yay margotrita! Are you def going to attend? My friend from micro class was also accepted to ABSN. But she is waiting to hear from the Vandy NP program before she decides. Good luck!

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