Any Chattanooga State nursing hopefuls?

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    Hello all! Anyone looking to attend Chattanooga State's RN program (will start Fall of 2013) or doing transition (start summer of 2014)? I am starting prereqs for LPN to RN transition program at Chatt State this summer. I went to LPN school and got my bachelors (in a different area) in Georgia. I am currently working as an LPN in Tennessee. Just wanting to get in touch with some people in the area! Good Luck!!
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    Got in the day program! how abt you?!
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    I got into the day program, too! Starting this fall.
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    Congrats!! Can't wait to start!
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    Yay I'm so glad you guys got in! Ill be trying for the night program. If you don't mind me asking, what were your points?