Using the Broken Record Technique

  1. Using broken record technique to get an exact and accurate answer

    How often do we get responses from Patents or their parents that are very vague or incorrect? All the time!
    At times like this we need to be assertive and use broken record technique on them

    What is his temperature?
    He doesn't have a fever.
    What is his temperature?
    I didn't take it
    Take his temperature for me now please!

    What is his temperature?
    Around 101 or so
    I want to know his exact temperature right now. Please take it now!

    How did you take the Temperature
    With a Thermometer
    Where did you put the thermometer
    In the Drawer

    Or the Tylenol Dose nonsense
    How much Tylenol did you give him?
    I gave him a little bit.
    How much Tylenol did you give him?
    1 teaspoon

    I love when you ask the weight of the new born pt's
    He weights between 10-12 lbs
    How bout we go with 11?
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  3. by   G'smommy
    LOL. Yes, I just keep repeating things over and over and over.