seeking telephone triage position

  1. I have been actively searching for an employer offering that i can perform from my home in san diego, ca anyone have any info that would assist me in my search?

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  3. by   angela diano

    Saw your posting, just to let you know once the New license law goes into effect I think more Co. will be looking at people to work form home once they can figure out the logistics of things. The hospital based programs will see that it it will be more cost effective,as well as the Insurance Co. If I were you I would become an Independent Contractor and offer my skills to the Insurance CO. as an out source person. It is not a new concept in nursing ,however in business it is relatively new,with the exception of your computer based cos. Good Luck!


  4. by   JeanthePHN
    Jean in Massachusetts
  5. by   LynRN
    I, too, would love to find something I could do from my home. Telephone triage sounds good but I can't find many employers. I'll show my ignorance and ask just how does one go about becoming an "independent consultant"