Non English Speaking Patients

  1. I must get at least 5 calls per night that require interpretation. These calls consume sometimes double or more the time of a regular English speaking patient call. Most are Spanish speaking.

    This pouts a big drain on the system, makes increased csot to Triage company, hospital system which gets passed down to the Patients and slows down care. I feel if you are gonna live in America you should be legally required to be able to speak the language! If your not willing to do that then don't live here!

    I were gonna move to TJ I would make sure that my Wife an I were proficient in the language. I would realize it would increase my chance of geting a job. I would not be resistent to learning the new language.

    I can see if you are a tourist going thru America and don't speak English that is acceptable but to live here you should have the ability to speak the language!
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