New Triage Program

  1. 0 I manage an 8 physician neurology practice. We are considering implementing a triage nurse position for patients to be able to reach a "live" nurse instead of leaving a voice mail for the nurse for their particular physician. Does anyone have any advice and/or resources that I can use? We are in the early stages of defining this role and presenting it to the MDs.
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    I am a RN experienced in telephone triage through the multi-specialty clinic I worked for in Illinois. I currently live in S. Texas and would be interested in relocating to the Dallas area. I would be happy to share any information about how our system worked in order to help you. I would also be interested in a position implementing the new process if available. Please e-mail me if you still need ideas and/or nurses!
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    We work under very strict parameters created by physicians, reviewed by physicians to suite their needs. Our protocols are constantly changing, being refined, improved and reviewed. Telephone triage RN's know what information to obtain and when to and when not to consult with the physician. Telephone consultation with MD usually is complete within 30 seconds or so.

    Most of our calls do not require consultation with MD

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