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Looking for remote telephone triage employment

  1. 0 Is anyone aware of any employers hiring remote telephone triage RN's? I live in Iowa and want to work from home.
    I have 5 years of experience in med/surg and have been working in an NICU & floating to Nursery & Post partum for the last 10 years. I am not bilingual.

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    I have worked for Sirona Health for 1 year and they are hiring. I work from home with hours that work well for my family. Pay is equal to if not better than office pay - does not come close to hospital pay. I too was a NICU RN for many years and that comes in handy as the majority of calls are pediatric in nature. No need to be bilingual - we have translating services. Good Luck
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    Sarah, How long did the hiring process with Sirona take? I applied today -- just curious if you have any scoop or words of wisdom regarding getting hired. Keeping my fingers crossed. This would be such a great fit for my family, too. Thanks in advance!

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