Let me speak directly to the patient

  1. How often have you begun to triage and theh wife answers the phone and tries to prefent you from speaking directly to the Patient?

    This is such ********! May I speak directly to the Patient? "Oh he can't talk" Why can't he talk. You finally work thru the control issue ******** with the wife get to speak to the Patient and his voice is clear as a bell!

    How often do you encounter nonsense like this with 1 family member has to dominate the whole Triage and refusing fro ******** reasons not to allow you to speak with the Patient directly?

    I get it mostly with dominant females occasionally with dominant males and with Asians and Middle Easterns mostly with dominant Males

    Every now and then I have a family member tell me that "he or she doesn't want to speak with you" What type of ******* is on the other end of the phone? You are an adult pick up the phone and speak to me!
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  3. by   MOTOXRN2004
    I feel your pain Mike

    from a fellow TMS
  4. by   Jerry 75
    I mean like it is rude, unprofessional, deceptive and not at all helpful to the patient.

    Worst is that it happens on a daily basis.