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Let me speak directly to the patient

  1. 0 How often have you begun to triage and theh wife answers the phone and tries to prefent you from speaking directly to the Patient?

    This is such ********! May I speak directly to the Patient? "Oh he can't talk" Why can't he talk. You finally work thru the control issue ******** with the wife get to speak to the Patient and his voice is clear as a bell!

    How often do you encounter nonsense like this with 1 family member has to dominate the whole Triage and refusing fro ******** reasons not to allow you to speak with the Patient directly?

    I get it mostly with dominant females occasionally with dominant males and with Asians and Middle Easterns mostly with dominant Males

    Every now and then I have a family member tell me that "he or she doesn't want to speak with you" What type of ******* is on the other end of the phone? You are an adult pick up the phone and speak to me!
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    I feel your pain Mike

    from a fellow TMS
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    I mean like it is rude, unprofessional, deceptive and not at all helpful to the patient.

    Worst is that it happens on a daily basis.