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considering telephonic nursing

  1. 0 Hello nurses! I am considering a move to the telephone nursing area. I have an opportunity to work from home with united health care/optum as a telephonic nurse.
    My questions are many and I thought some one out there could shed some light on them so I can make an informed decision.
    I am considering this move because I live 1 hour away from my current ER job and I am tired of the drive also I am not seeing myself in 5 years in the ER. (I do love it most days but it is the ER and I find I have a love hate relationship)
    here are my questions
    1 How much paperwork is this type of job.
    2 my internet connection is via satellite not as fast as some will that be an issue.
    3 is this soley triage or case manegement, ( I think its a blend)
    4 how satisfied are others who are doing this job
    well that will get me started I have a list to ask at my interview as well which is today Yikes!
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    Just wondering if you took the job or not. I have an interview with United soon and just wondering how you liked the company so far