Any RN's out there working "from home" for Cardiocom?

  1. I have an interview with Cardiocom tomorrow for a Telehealth position. It is a work from home position. Currently I am a Critical Care nurse but drive an hour to and from work. It gets hard after a 12 hour night shift. Just looking for some info on working from home and being a Telehealth nurse. I have two small children and looking for something that can keep me closer to home.
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  3. by   SlyFoxRN
    How was it? What's the job like?
  4. by   tiffcrn
    It went great. Everyone was so nice and the company has great values and beliefs when it comes to their patients. I am waiting to hear back from them.
  5. by   Healthygina
    Good Luck! Interested in hearing back from you, and if you do get the job a brief description of your duties and hours etc. Interested in this myself. Thank you!