What is the difference between teas and teas v? What is the difference between teas and teas v? | allnurses

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What is the difference between teas and teas v?

  1. 0 Hello I am going to be taking the teas test in June 2013 and I am researching the best study guides to purchase, and there are some that say teas, and others that say teas v. Is there a difference? Ad if so, what is the difference?
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    I heard from my instructors and others who took both the TEAS and the TEAS V that the TEAS V is much harder. Since I only took the TEASV I do not have much to compare it to, but it seemed like basic SAT style questions to me. I know that many just bought the practice material from the ATI testing site; my friend also said that the practice tests online were helpful. Hope this helps :-)
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    They are both the same thing. People say Teas test for a shortened version for the TEAS V test.