To more days til i face teas v To more days til i face teas v | allnurses

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To more days til i face teas v

  1. 0 My prayers have gone up, ready for the blessings to come down!

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    You can do it! Keep saying this each time u get unfocused. Best of luck to you, u got this!!
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    I'm taking my teas v on march 1. I know the stress you are going through. I wish you the best.
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    Did you get to take the TEAS?How did it go?I am taking mine in March and I am so nervous.
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    Yes! I took the teas this after noon... It wasnt as bad as i thought, but at the same time not easy! Im now nervously awaiting for my results in the mail!

    Know your fractions! Read all options b4 you answer!

    Good luck✌
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    Good luck!