TEAS V Test at LLU vs CSUSM?

  1. 0 So I took the Teas yesterday and didn't pass . I took it at San Marcos University it was computerized and I heard that computerized is harder than pencil and paper. I'm thinking about retaking it at loma linda but is it pencil and paper at LLU? I've also heard people get the same versions of the test when they retake it. I don't know whether to take it again at San Marcos because I could end up with the same test just the questions in a different order. Or take it at LLU because it might be easier. I tend to do better with pencil and paper. anyone take it at either one of these schools? please tell me your experience!!
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    Llu is computerized.

    CSUSB is pencil and paper.
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    LLU is computerized, but CSUSB is pencil and paper !

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