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TEAS V Stage Fright!

  1. 0 I am supposed to take the TEAS V next week. I am freaking out. I took the practice exam and got 64.7% individual score. I did horrible in Science and most of that was doing bad on the chemistry stuff! I am also having trouble with the algebraic stuff. I have gone over the TEAS manual and it seems that a lot of the stuff wasn't in there as far as the chemistry stuff goes. Any suggestions on extra help books for that stuff. I hate Chemistry with a passion, but need to be able to pass this thing. I need to get at least an 80-90% on the TEAS. I have postponed my appointment, but am feeling flustered! Help!!!
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    Am having the same problem . i have to take it next month and i am terrified
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    The ati manual will not be enough for science. If you guys want to do well on the science portion you'll have to use other resources. Try McGraw hill.
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    IMO, the ati book wasnt enough, I used the McGraw Hill 5 TEAS practice test book, it had additional things in there that the ati book didnt have but Good Luck