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Teas V Exam Study Material

  1. 0 I am to take the Teas test in a few months, but I'm having trouble finding test prep materials.

    Are there any legitimate websites that provide Teas test practice questions or a download (such as a pdf for the McGraw Hill prep or similar) that has all that you need to study?
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    Buy the ATI TEAS V study guide book and also the McGraw Hill book with the 5 TEAS sample tests. Also buy the two online tests ATI offer to see where you are at after studying
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    Go to the ATI website (the company that administers the TEAS). They sell the official study guide, which includes two practice tests. I believe it is a hard copy only, no download. Some have gotten the guide from Amazon.com. They also sell online practice tests if you want a real simulation of what the test will be like. I used the study guide plus the online practice tests and did great on my TEAS.