TEAS national mean?

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    Does anyone know what the national mean is for reading, math, and the adjusted individual score? I have to be at or above those levels and I'm just curious. Thanks. :-)

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    I took the TEAS V in May and these are the national means that were reported on my score report.

    Reading: 70.5
    Math: 69.0
    Adjusted Individual Score: 64.3
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    Are you taking LPN or ADN?
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    Took it today. Adjusted individual score 62.7%. Passed for my program. LPN program in my area needed a 58.7.
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    I took it today at my community college and got an 81.3%. National mean for ADN in my area is around 64%. I am transferring and getting the BSN so needed at least a 76%.
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    I'm looking for RN! :-)
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    ADN, sorry!
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    Quote from proudtobehismommy
    ADN, sorry!
    When I took it ADN was 64.7% nation average... That was in April.

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