TEAS in 3 weeks. help!

  1. I am taking the TEAS V exactly 3 weeks from today. I am really scared because I need at least a 90%. I have taken the test before, first time I got a 68, second time I got a 72. This is my last and final chance to take the test and I need a 90 to get into the program of my dreams. Do you guys have any advice? I am pretty much devoting all day everyday to study for the TEAS during the next 3 weeks.
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    anyone? lol
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    You'll do fine! It sounds like every time you've taken it you have improved and being able to study that much is great! I recommend using the ATI study guide and then going a bit more in depth online or in other books pertaining to micro and chem topics as those were what I primarily saw on my test. As you are aware the math is primarily solving for x, percents, decimals, ratios, proportions, etc. English and reading are pretty general. Just make sure you know what verbs, adverbs, etc are. Eat well, rest, and try not to stress! It will make everything you've learned hard to remember. Also, don't go too long during studying without breaks. They are proven to help memory.