TEAS Grammar help.

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    I already took the TEAS and did very well in every section except the english/grammar section. I was only a small percent off from passing this section (even passed the test over all) and at my school I have to pass all the sections. I need help on how to study and improve my Grammar score. I have been using the TEAS book but it doesn't seem to help and I have gone over the questions and the book so many times i have memorized the answers. I just want to get this test over so I can start nursing school already!

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    I would suggest googling grammar topics listed in the study guide to get more review and practice. You can also search youtube for videos going over grammar topics.

    I also used the McGraw book to take more practice tests so gauge whether I was making improvements or still struggling in the same areas. Good luck...I know it's nerve wrecking but it is doable.

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