Teas Exam - No time to study!

  1. I was just accepted to Beebe School of Nursing and they JUST started requiring all new students to take the TEAS exam. I have to take it next Saturday! I just found out about it, so I really have no time to buy practice tests, etc. How worried should I be? I consider myself to be pretty smart; I get straight A's for the most part, but I seriously hate these kinds of tests. Also, I'll be the first to admit I am horrible at all things math. What kind of math is on the teas exam? Do you think I'll be okay without much time at all to study for the test? We don't need a certain percentage to get into the program, however, our score determines how soon we are placed into clincals. I really hope to start this August, so I hope I score well!
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    How did you do?