TEAS Exam applying to schools

  1. 0 Hey everyone, this may be a very simple question...but i know that you must take the TEAS to apply for the nursing program...but do you have to take it at every school you apply to?...i plan on applying to about 4-5. Thanks
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    I applied to 4 schools and only took the TEAS once. I sent my results to the other schools. But be careful about taking the TEAS before applying because some schools want you to take it there.
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    In CA you only have to take it once and then you pay around 25 dollars to each school that you are applying to. I took mine at a university separate from applying to the nursing program so when I did finally apply it was sent automatically to them but the other schools I had to pay.
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    Thanks :3
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    Uhm, what is the TEAS exam? I live in Oklahoma and have applied for three programs at two schools and never heard mention of a test. I got into a program and will be starting in January 2014 and still no mention of an exam. Is this something that Oklahoma doesn't do?

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