1. Taking the TEAS in the am! Prayers welcome! And good luck to anyone taking it too!
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  3. by   Graduation2016
    Don't remember a single question on my test that was on my ATI book. Miserably failed.
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Quote from mom2banurse
    Don't remember a single question on my test that was on my ATI book. Miserably failed.
    And the Science section was 98% chemistry. This test was HORRIBLE! please, study, study, study!!!!
  5. by   pookyp
    Yes! I took the practice test last night and the stuff that they asked wasn't even in the book! Most of it anyway.
  6. by   kabooski
    what about the chemistry was the hardest? 1)There is no way they went into single/double replacement, decomposition, and combination reactions. 2) What about Stoichiometry problems? e.g if 2.50kg of pentane are burned, how many moles of co2 can be formed?

    C5H12 +8 02 ---> 5C02 + 6H20 <------ this would take a long time with no calculator

    3) What about "what is the limiting reagent" type questions?

    4). Gas conversions?
    e.g A gas occupies 228mL at 25C' and 3.00 atm. At what Celsius tempature will it occupy 125 mL if the pressure remains at 3.00 atm?

    5) or were most of the questions like ---> naming covalent/ionic compunds, naming elements, fiquring how many valence electrons, isotopes, Lewis structure,balancing equations, cation and anion, ph acid/base/buffer,protons,neutrons,electrons,atomic weight, atomic mass, polar/non polar, Periodic trends ( metals, earth metals, transition metals, non metals, noble gases. etc etc
  7. by   Graduation2016
    I am not dumb or stupid. Although I have been of school for a very long time. (I'm 41). But this test has really made me wonder if I can't pass this how am I going to deal with nursing school? I decided to go to plan B and go to the school in Orlando that doesn't require a TEAS test for admission. I'll suck up the 1 hour 15 min drive twice a week but that TEAS is not stopping me.