Taking the TEASV tomorrow! Wish me luck! Taking the TEASV tomorrow! Wish me luck! - pg.2 | allnurses

Taking the TEASV tomorrow! Wish me luck! - page 2

I'v studied all i can and ready as ill ever be! Wish me luck tomorrow im taking the TEAS V so nervous, praying i pass!... Read More

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    Thanks ladies!
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    Congrats to both of you...im just starting to study for mine, i have about 2 months till test time :/ im already freaking out. lol.
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    Happy to hear all the good news from so many about this test. I take it on June 21 so please pray with me. I really need to pass this test to get in the NCTC LVN Spring 2013 program!!
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    Congrats !! :-D
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    Great Job Guys!
    I was very nervous when taking this test, too. I studied hard in the areas I knew I was weakest in and I passed the first time.
    When I got my scores back, I was SO relieved!