Need some good resources for TEAS help

  1. I feel comfortable with the reading and math portion but the science is rough on me, not the human body but the other subjects, does anyone know of any good sources for a brush up on basic chemistry and natural science topics I feel like the practice test focused on chemistry a lot (my program does not require a chem pre-req so it's been quite some time since I've taken chem) any video sources or online practice sources would be appreciated! Also any additional sources on the English portion would be greatly appreciated. Science and English seem to be we're I struggle so any tips would be great, thanks!
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  3. by   crystalclean
    Yes, for chemistry go to .
  4. by   nursetobe15
    first find out what version of the tease exam your school will be giving because there are different versions of the exam. from there go to this website www.atitesting.comand order the book. its fairly cheap i believe around $20 and you can also find them in bookstores. But before doing that find out what version you school will be giving. good luck.