I need TEAS advise..PLEASE!!! I need TEAS advise..PLEASE!!! | allnurses

I need TEAS advise..PLEASE!!!

  1. 0 Hi all. I just did my MAR review which means I should be taking my TEAS test in about 2 to 3 weeks, which takes me very close to the admissions deadline for my school. I don't have the ATI book, but I have the McGraw hill teas V manual, does anyone know if that's helpful , or do I need the ATI. Is the McGraw Hill's similar to the material on the TEAS? Thanks in advance for any information!
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    I just asked the same question! I have the McGraw Hill book.
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    I would get the ATI study guide...

    I cannot say what the McGraw book has, I'm sure someone else has used it, but the ATI book is what helped me out the most!!

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