How does TEAS standby work?

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    I am trying to take TEAS at College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, but all the Feb seats are fulled, the nursing application deadline is March 1st, that means my only alternative is to wait on standby. This is my 1st time ever taking TEAS, they gave me an exam permit for March 30, but I plan to wait in standby on the coming Saturday (Feb 16). I know the exam starts at 8:00am, but does anyone know where do I wait? Is there going to be a sign for standby? And how early ahead? Like 5am? 6am? I live 60 miles away from Las Vegas that's why I need to make a plan to drive in early... Any help will be appreciated, thank you so much.

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  3. by   Montrula
    If I were you, I wouldn't wait that long since everything is due March 1. See if you can find another site that does TEAS V! The scores are transferable!
  4. by   jennydepphk
    I check with other sites few weeks ago and they are all fulled also for Feb