ERRORS on McGraw-Hills TEAS practice

  1. 0 I am using the McGraw online download to practice for the TEAS and I am finding errors in the print so far on the math sections of test 3. If you find any other please add them to this topic. I thought I was going nuts, but I know I'm not that bad at math. I did a little seraching and was unable to find a correction list from the publisher, if someone did let us know.

    Practice test 3 Math
    question #1 that multiplication sign should be an addition sign.
    question # 8 the answers are giving in miles and they should be say kilometers but the given answer is correct.
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    in same practice test 3 I also found error on question #21 the question list 50.1 as one of the options in a list but it should be 5.01
    question #33 has the same answer...they list the answer as C
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    Thanks for that im using thsame book for my teas prep, you saved me a lot of time lol.

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