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Competitive TEAS Exam Score

  1. 0 My adjusted score was 83.3, placing me in the "Advanced" category. Does anyone know if this will be considered "competitive"?
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    I think it all depends on your program. Do you have a program average and/or a program minimum (to get in) to compare your score with?
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    My 81.3% was considered competitive in my program for LPN.
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    The mean for my program is 64.9 (with no minimum score required). However, the national mean is 64.3. Although I have no idea what your school's criteria is I think you should be just fine with an 83.3.
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    Has anyone gotten into BSHP with a 70% TEAS score?
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    I am applying to BSN programs. I got a 81.3% and am considered advanced too. BSN programs in MD (where I'm at) recommend getting at least a 70%. Considering the national average is low at 64%, I think with an 83 you are very competitive!
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    You should just look at each individual school's average of the last cohort/class. I got an 84.7 and all the colleges I applied to were averaging 87. This was for ABSN programs.