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Calculator, Test Results

  1. 0 Hello everyone, I am taking the TEAS test on Wednesday and I have taken the practice tests in the Mcgraw Hill Book and I think that I am going to be okay. I am currently taking the Biology100 class and that seems to be helping with some of the science questions.

    I wanted to know are calculators allowed during the test, and how quickly do you get results back?
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    Calculators are not allowed. As for results, I suppose it depends on where and how you take it. Mine was computer based, and I had results immediately after finishing. I have heard of others having to wait, though.
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    Unfortunately, calculators are not allowed. I was given 3 pieces of scratch paper and 2 pencils on my test day. My test was also computer based so results were out immediately. Good luck on you test!!
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    I work with a company that administers computer based testing and find that those that do well on computer based exams come prepared with a good night’s sleep, know the basic functions of a computer, and have studied months in advance. Experts say the best advice is to just relax and do your best. Best of luck to everyone!