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Breaks at the TEAS V

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    Are you allowed to take breaks at the TEAS? I was practicing, & I couldn't go straight through..smh!

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    When I took it you were allowed 10 minute breaks in between each section
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    It depends on your testing center. Some of them have scheduled breaks, usually after each section. Mine did not do this. We were allowed to use the bathroom one at a time when we finished a section. This seemed to work out okay in every section except the math, as most people typically finished early. After I finished the math, I had to use some of my science time to use the bathroom as I finished the math right on time. They give you a ton of time on the science IMO, so it worked out fine. Even with the break, I finished like 20 mins early.
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    I was able to leave anytime I needed. I just made sure to do it when I was between sections. Good luck!
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    I was able to take a break anytime I needed to. I usually did it in between sections.
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    Thanks Guys!