Below average on English portion, need advice!

  1. 0 I took the Teas V today and was over the national average in every category except English! I can't beleive it! Does anyone know if the college will make me re take the entire test? I am already in nursing school and am fearful I will have to take this awful test again! My overall was a 70%

    Thank You!
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    Hello there,
    I am not sure what your school requirements are but where I am going the english did not count as much as the science and math. I took the TEAS twice because I did not do well the first time. I found that I had to go back and practice as far as grammar and punctuation. I know that the nursing schools where I live you need to have overall 80 to be competitive. I am not sure though because I took the test to get into nursing school, if you are already there it might be different. Have you talked to an adviser maybe?

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